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HAMAS condemns Morocco’s normalization deal with zionist regime

The Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) has strongly denounced the Moroccan leadership for normalizing its ties with the zionist occupation state, expressing its belief that such move does not reflect the Moroccan people’s position in support of Pale

In a press release on Thursday, Hamas described Morocco’s normalization step as a letdown for the Palestinian people and their national cause and a coup against its historical position that refused to deal with the zionist occupation.

The Movement urged the Moroccan people to voice their rejection of this deal and the other cheap normalization agreements in the Arab region and to continue boycotting the zionist regime regardless of the circumstances and temptations.

“The Zionist enemy is malignant cancer that cannot do any good to anyone, and all the normalization capitals will regret the day when they allowed one zionist to step on their soil,” Hamas said.

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