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Turkish Akbank named Western Europe’s ‘best private banking unit’ amid crisis

Turkish private lender Akbank won the award for Western Europe’s “Best Private Banking Unit” in the “Excellence in Crisis: Customer Services” category of the Best Private Banking Awards 2021 organized by the Global Finance Magazine.

The award recognizes the excellent services the private banking units provided to their customers during extraordinary circumstances caused by the pandemic, Akbank said in a statement Thursday.

Alp Keler, Akbank Private Banking and Investment Services deputy general manager, whose views were included in the company statement, said they were proud to have been selected as the best private lender unit in Western Europe and to know that their work during the COVID-19 period was appreciated.

Highlighting the proactive measures taken to protect employees and customers since the start of the pandemic, Keler noted, “Thanks to our technology investments and robust digital infrastructure, we have implemented business continuity plans, including the strategy of working from home.”

“We continued to provide uninterrupted and excellent service to our customers regardless of the conditions,” he emphasized.

Keler stressed that Akbank is “delighted that our work transcends borders and is honored with this important award given across Western Europe.”

He noted that they will continue to provide the best service to their customers through their holistic approach to asset management, innovative business model and product range.

Akbank, one of Turkey’s largest private lenders, is owned by one of the leading Turkish conglomerates, Sabancı Holding. It employs over 12,000 people through its 719 branches.

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