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The new MacBook Pro with Apple’s fancy M1 chip just got its biggest discount yet

The new MacBook Pro with Apple's fancy M1 chip just got its biggest discount yet

SAVE $100: Typically $1,499, the all-new Apple MacBook Pro with 512GB of storage space is on sale for just $1,399 on Amazon as of Dec. 23.

Five shiny new iPhones, four new MacBooks, three new iPads, two new Apple Watches, and a super expensive pair of AirPods Max. You could almost write a “12 Days of Christmas” remix with all of the new gadgets Apple released in 2020.

While most of them failed to bring anything groundbreaking to the table spec-wise (as iFixit teardowns would eventually confirm), the new custom-made M1 silicon chip Apple developed for its latest MacBook Air and Pro models has some exciting potential. Now that it’s officially ditched Intel chips, writes Mashable tech reporter Brenda Stolyar, “not only can Apple operate on its own schedule, but it also has the freedom to push the envelope on its own computers — be it for features, availability, or performance.” Read more…

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