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Ditch your bulky desktop for this touchscreen all-in-one

Ditch your bulky desktop for this touchscreen all-in-one

Save $273.99: Dell’s Inspiron 7000 all-in-one touchscreen desktop is on sale for $930.99, down from $1,204.98 as of Dec. 23.

Desktops can be bulky as hell and take up precious real estate in your home. That is unless you go for an all-in-one desktop that’s basically like a monitor that powers itself.

As of Dec. 23, the Dell Inspiron 7000 all-in-one desktop is on sale for $930.99, saving you $273.99. Not only does this machine take up less space than a separate monitor and desktop setup, but it also has a touchscreen. This bad boy is a truly impressive piece of tech.

Of course, it looks and operates nicely as well. The 27-inch display features infinity edges, which is a fancy way to say it has really slim bezels that won’t distract from what’s on the screen. It also has built-in speakers and a webcam that stays hidden until you want to use it. You know, for privacy. Read more…

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