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Billie Eilish Threatens To Cancel Upcoming Album After Haters Diss Her Hair!

Seriously, why are people making fun of Billie Eilish‘s green hair?! It’s such a signature look! It’s like making fun of Zac Efron‘s abs!

Apparently they are though, and true to the Grammy Award winner’s typical form, she fought back in the best (read: snarkiest) way ever.

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Taking to Instagram, the singer posted a story with herself speaking to fans. In the clip, the video filter altered the tips of her hair, making the green appear like horns (lolololololol). She said:

“F**k you guys. Stop making fun of me, my god! I’m f**king making you an album. I will not put it out if you keep making fun of my hair. Shut up!”

Ha! OK, so you can tell there’s some sass to her tone, and the way she delivered the message definitely had us laughing. However, it’s also pretty messed up that haters would pick on her hair color, especially when Billie’s admitted that keeping the green the same for so long has been a sign of her emotional stability.

Billie Eilish IG Story
(c) Billie Eilish/Instagram Story

Eilish went on to reveal that she might actually consider dying her locks once her documentary, Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry, drops on Apple+ in February 2021. At the end of her IG story she mentioned:

“I’m changing it after the doc comes out. It’ll be the end of an era, I’ma give you a new era… I have announcements to make, I got some s**t to put out.”

She also stressed AGAIN that people needed to mind their own business:

“Anyway, leave me alone. Let me live with my f**king hair that I’ve had for way too long. Okay? Shut the f**k up.”

Whether she decides to keep it the way it is or not, the weird bullying simply needs to stop — especially given the most recent body shaming that the 19-year-old dealt with earlier in the year. Oh, and if that’s any indication of what she could do, heed this, shamers: Billie created a short film dissing all of them back in May of 2020, so who’s to say she won’t do it again? (Check out her film Not My Responsibility to see what we’re talking about).

Well, we are obviously STOKED for her upcoming album — so those haters need to just stop and realize this is the reason why we can’t have nice things.

[Image via Vanity Fair/YouTube.]

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