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30 Gifts to Get Under $10 (Gift Exchange Ideas)

Gah! The gift exchange period is here. Whether you are at the office, or part of a community, the gift exchange tradition always has to happen. If you’re playing Secret Santa then you’d probably know what the person wants already but if it’s played in anonymous mode, well, we better start thinking up ideas to not come out looking like the Grinch.

Geeky gifts are all the hype these past few Christmases and if you have stumbled upon this post, you are probably looking for suggestions. For your safety, do not get these gifts for your loved ones (at least break the USD$10 limit for them).

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20 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Geeky Gal

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For the rest of us, here are 30 ideas of what to get for that gift exchange part, for under USD$10.

20 Colors Gift Tags

Present your lovely Christmas gifts to your friends and family with these colorful gift tags. The tags come in 20 different colors and twine strings to help you wrap your presents beautifully.

20 Colors Gift Tags20 Colors Gift Tags
Silicon Reusable Storage Bag

These reusable storage bags are perfect for keeping your snacks fresh in your bag or your fridge. The bags are leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and are made with food-grade silicone safe for everyday use.

Silicon Reusable Storage BagSilicon Reusable Storage Bag
Running Pouch

A useful running belt that helps you store your phone, money, cards, and other important stuff while you’re out running or exercising. The pouch is made of soft material and is adjustable to your waist so you won’t feel your stuff jiggling while you run.

Running PouchRunning Pouch
Keychain Screwdriver Tool

Here is a tiny toolkit that fits into a keychain. The pocket-size multi-purpose keychain has two types of screwdrivers and a hex wrench that can work wonders in an emergency situation.

Keychain Screwdriver ToolKeychain Screwdriver Tool
Zober Gift Wrap Storage

Store your bundles of gift papers in this useful storage bag. The bag is made with sturdy canvas with an easy opening zipper and a plastic window so you can see all the stored paper rolls.

Zober Gift Wrap StorageZober Gift Wrap Storage
Portable Capsule Cutter

This capsule-size cutter fixed into a keychain can be a perfect carry-around accessory for anyone. It is made with premium stainless steal and can be used for unpacking cartons, opening cans, and other such needs.

Portable Capsule CutterPortable Capsule Cutter
3-Piece Dough Press Set

A perfect gift for an avid cook, this set of dough press is ideal for making dumplings, calzone, and ravioli, etc. The cutters come in three sizes (4″, 5″, and 6″), crimped edge design and are totally dishwash-safe.

3-Piece Dough Press Set3-Piece Dough Press Set
Stainless Steel Butter Spreader

A 3-in-1 butter knife or spreader that makes a unique kitchen item. You can use it to cut, spread, and curl even the hardest butter bars and the ergonomic design keeps it from slipping from your hands.

Stainless Steel Butter SpreaderStainless Steel Butter Spreader
Lamicall Phone Stand

Here is an elegant-looking cellphone stand that helps your hold your phone while its charging, during a video call, or when you want to watch a video or movie. It features an aluminum body and a non-skid rubber base for maximum stability.

Lamicall Phone StandLamicall Phone Stand
Wuteku Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

A phone holder that saves you from the hassle of clipping your device in it. This magnetic phone holder is ideal for use in car and can hold even the heaviest phones with great stability.

Wuteku Magnetic Cell Phone HolderWuteku Magnetic Cell Phone Holder
Glucky Lime Squeezer

This simple lime squeezer is a handy kitchen tool that helps you squeeze the maximum juice out of lemons and limes. Just like what they say… easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Glucky Lime SqueezerGlucky Lime Squeezer
Kimje Door Opener Tool

If you want to avoid touching doors, handles, and buttons with your bare hands, take help from this amazing door opener. Made with stainless steel and clever design, the tool helps you in push opening doors and pressing elevator/doorbell buttons without touching them.

Kimje Door Opener ToolKimje Door Opener Tool
Soporte Phone Stand

A useful home/ office accessory and desk gadget, this phone stand lets your hold your cellphone or tablet. The holder is manufactured with high-grade aluminum and comes in four different colors.

Soporte Phone StandSoporte Phone Stand
Lovers Shaped Hook

This pair of lovers shaped hooks are useful as well as interesting to look at. You can slide them over room doors or cabinet doors and use them to hand clothes, towels, and other such items.

Lovers Shaped HookLovers Shaped Hook
8 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Set Pen

A mini tool kit that fits into your pocket, this 8-in-1 screwdriver set is a useful accessory to carry anywhere. It includes different types of screwdrivers and a magnetic tip that holds the bits securely when you’re working with them.

8 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Set Pen8 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Set Pen
6 in 1 Small Outdoor Survival Tool

Here is an interesting little accessory rightfully dubbed as an outdoor survival tool. Equipped with a screwdriver, ruler, hex wrenches, cord bender, bottle opener, letter opener, nail driver, and a glass mirror, it can be a cool gift for an adventure-loving person.

6 in 1 Small Outdoor Survival Tool6 in 1 Small Outdoor Survival Tool
Gun Shaped Beer Bottle Opener

This cap gun is a useful and fun accessory. You use it open the cap of a bottle and then you can shoot this cap from the gun making it an interesting gadget for parties and drinking games.

Gun Shaped Beer Bottle OpenerGun Shaped Beer Bottle Opener
Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Here is a cute bicycle shaped pizza cutter for pizza lovers out there. The blades of the cutter are made with stainless steel with a non-stick coating and it even comes with a tiny bicycle stand.

Bicycle Pizza CutterBicycle Pizza Cutter
Egg Yolk Egg White Separator

Speprating egg yolks from whites is a messy business, but not anymore. This stainless steel egg yolk separator works wonderfully as the whites slip through the gaps and yolk remains in it.

Egg Yolk Egg White SeparatorEgg Yolk Egg White Separator
Happigrab Germ Avoidance Keychain

A no-touch door-opener keychain is a great item to avoid hand contact with different surfaces. Made with high-quality silicon, it gives a good grip to your fingers and keeps the microbes away.

Happigrab Germ Avoidance KeychainHappigrab Germ Avoidance Keychain
Black And Tan Beer Layering Tool

This is a unique item for anyone who’s fond of drinking beer in style. The tool helps you make a perfectly layered glass of beer that you can proudly serve to your friends and family.

Black And Tan Beer Layering ToolBlack And Tan Beer Layering Tool
Transformer USB Flash Memory Drive

Another interesting flash drive aimed at the young at heart community. And it doubles as the perfect office desk decor.

Transformer USB Flash Memory Drive 4GBTransformer USB Flash Memory Drive 4GB
Black Wristband USB Flash Memory Drive

Know a friend who keeps misplacing his flash drives? This would be great as a gift exchange idea. Comes in black and white, and there’s a 16GB version too.

Black Wristband USB Flash Memory Drive 8GBBlack Wristband USB Flash Memory Drive 8GB
Muted Cable Management System

Tame your cables and wires with these neat (in every sense of the word) cable clips. You can even mount it on the side of the desk with its stick on back. This is a gift that would be appreciated by anyone who works in the office.

More: Organizers to tame your cables and wires.

USB Plasma Ball

A light show worthy of distracting anyone from work, or Facebook, or working on Facebook. Plus, it looks like it would cost more than USD10. Goes to show that it’s always a good idea to shop for a bargain.

USB Plasma BallUSB Plasma Ball
LightInTheBox LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle

You know how red is hot and blue is cold in the washroom? This special LED faucet nozzle actually makes your water flow change color as it leaves the faucet.

LightInTheBox LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer NozzleLightInTheBox LED Kitchen Sink Faucet Sprayer Nozzle

Great barnacles! This is a nifty idea Now you can let your phone stand on an angle to the desk or stick it on the windscreen of your car for easy access. ($4.95)

Shark Fin Ice cube Tray

Who wants some shark fin ice cubes? Iconic Jaws theme not included – you’ll have to hum it yourself.

Shark Fin Ice cube TrayShark Fin Ice cube Tray
Personalised Wooden Spoon

Get a totally unique wooden spoon that is personalised with your name and a short message for just 9 bucks.

Personalised Wooden SpoonPersonalised Wooden Spoon
100 Film Toilet Paper Box

They may have done away with Kodak film but you can still have one of these as a waterproof toilet paper container.

100 Film Toilet Paper Box100 Film Toilet Paper Box

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