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‘Bean Dad’ and the internet’s need for a Main Character

‘Bean Dad’ and the internet’s need for a Main Character

John Roderick, indie musician and podcast host, had the unenviable position as perhaps our first main character on Twitter of 2020. You’d be forgiven if you didn’t know who that was, at least without me telling you that Roderick is better known (at least for now) as “Bean Dad.”

In case you missed it: On Jan. 2, Roderick posted a lengthy, almost certainly exaggerated story of teaching his daughter a lesson in perseverance by making her figure out how to use a can opener in order to eat some beans. Roderick has since deactivated his Twitter, but Mashable’s Matt Binder does a good job here walking through the story of the apparent six-hour saga with Roderick’s nine-year-old daughter. Let’s just say it was a 23-tweet thread full of a frustrated child confounded by a can opener and a dad refusing to just…show her how to use it.  Read more…

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