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8 of the best travel cameras in the UK

8 of the best travel cameras in the UK

You might have noticed that many people like to take photographs when they travel. In fact, people who barely use their phone’s camera in regular life are often eager to document the strange (to them) and wonderful landscapes, buildings, water features, art, nature, people, animals, and, of course, sunsets of a new location.

There is something about leaving your everyday surroundings that forces you to pick up a camera and start snapping. It’s a primal urge that cannot and will not be ignored. You can try and resist, but just when you think you’ve overcome the struggle, a pretty sight will catch your eye and then the next thing you know you’re eight shots deep into a semi-professional photoshoot. Read more…

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IMAGE: Amazon


Canon EOS Rebel SL3

Small and lightweight DSLR that offers great image quality for a mirrorless price.

    £544 from Amazon

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    IMAGE: Amazon


    Sony Alpha A6000

    Small and lightweight, but with an image processing system that produces high-quality photographs and HD video.

      £429.99 from Amazon

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      IMAGE: Amazon


      Panasonic Lumix GX85

      DED autofocus and post-focus lets users re-focus images after they’re taken.

        £429.77 from Amazon

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        IMAGE: Amazon


        Nikon D780

        Offers up fantastic image quality even in low light environments.

          £2,199 from Amazon

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          IMAGE: Amazon

          BEST FOR ZOOM

          Sony RX100 VI

          Long zoom capabilities combine with a long list of travel friendly features.

            £1,150 from Amazon

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            IMAGE: Amazon


            Panasonic Lumix LX100

            This compact camera offers complex systems and features in a portable frame.

              £499.99 from Amazon

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              IMAGE: Amazon

              BEST FOR VIDEO

              GoPro Hero 8

              Digital lenses and improved HDR quality produce fantastic videos from your travels.

                £379.99 from Amazon

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                IMAGE: Amazon

                BEST FOR LOW LIGHT

                Lomography Lomo’Instant Automat

                The Lomo’Instant Automat is known for its prowess in low-light environments.

                  £129 from Amazon

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