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8 of the best blenders for smoothies, soups, and more

8 of the best blenders for smoothies, soups, and more

In today’s cooking as an adult lesson: Blenders can be used for more than just frozen margaritas.

Hot soup without a hob, coffee without a coffee maker, and whipped cream without a hand mixer are just a few of the tasks these multitasking appliances can tackle. Just like how the Instant Pot can replace a pan or slow cooker, blenders can expand your meal possibilities tenfold, without the clutter of multiple machines.

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This isn’t the only reason to invest in a blender. These devices can also help you to establish healthy habits. Blenders simplify meeting your nutrient goal by squeezing everything into a 30-second meal replacement. With thousands of recipes online, you’re bound to find a balanced combo of greens and fruits that — surprise — you actually look forward to drinking. Read more…

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IMAGE: Amazon


Vitamix Explorian

This classic Vitamix annihilates fruits and nuts and has presets to make just about anything.

    £349 from Amazon

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    IMAGE: Amazon


    Ninja BL682UK2

    Expand to pizza or cookie dough with this food processor — just ignore the noise.

      £199.99 from Amazon

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      IMAGE: Amazon


      NutriBullet Balance

      Track fitness goals and nutrition facts with the Bluetooth smart scale and Balance app.

        £149.99 from Amazon

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        IMAGE: Amazon


        Vitamix Ascent

        Convenience and touchscreen are life-changing.

          £675 from Amazon

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          IMAGE: Amazon


          PopBabies Portable

          USB charging makes this great for going off the grid or for work.

            £30.99 from Amazon

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            IMAGE: Amazon

            BEST FOR THE CAR

            Homgeek GS-627

            With two slim sports bottles, this compact blender is a solid choice.

              £24.99 from Amazon

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              IMAGE: Amazon

              BEST FOR VALUE

              Magic Bullet

              A cheap and reliable blender that isn’t too feature-heavy.

                £39.99 from Amazon

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                IMAGE: Amazon

                BEST FOR HAND BLENDING

                Breville VHB067

                Use the blender attachment to make soups, baby food, and smoothies.

                  £29.99 from Amazon

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