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‘Bean Dad’ becomes Twitter’s first ‘main character’ of 2021

'Bean Dad' becomes Twitter's first 'main character' of 2021

If you ventured onto Twitter during the first weekend of 2021, you were probably wondering why everyone was talking about beans.

The answer: “Bean Dad” became Twitter’s first “main character” of the year, the person who has such a bad take that people feel compelled to dunk on them. 

On Saturday evening, musician and podcaster John Roderick shared a tale about his hungry 9-year-old daughter wanting some baked beans. Twenty-three tweets later, we got the full story.

So, yesterday my daughter (9) was hungry and I was doing a jigsaw puzzle so I said over my shoulder “make some baked beans.” She said, “How?” like all kids do when they want YOU to do it, so I said, “Open a can and put it in pot.” She brought me the can and said “Open it how?”

— john roderick (@johnroderick) January 2, 2021 Read more…

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