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Trying ‘Dry January’? What to know about apps that claim to help.

Trying 'Dry January'? What to know about apps that claim to help.

On New Year’s Day, many people will kick off Dry January, when they’ll try to go a month without consuming alcohol, or at least drinking less.

As we’ve done with many things this pandemic year, including talking to friends and working, many are turning to apps and online tools for help. 

Search “Dry January” in the Apple App Store, and you’ll get half a dozen apps that say they can help. Related searches for “reduce drinking” or “drink less” will bring up several more. But not every app is created equal. 

Some apps have been developed by health organizations that rely on science-backed practices. Others come from unknown developers with language or techniques that can discourage someone who is trying to change their relationship with alcohol. Read more…

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