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Drive-in everything: How COVID made car culture cool again

Drive-in everything: How COVID made car culture cool again

It was the drive-thru flu shot that did it for me. 

In years past, getting the seasonal jab was kind of a hassle: Head to our local medical center, risk hitting traffic on the way, find parking, walk in, find the right floor, check in, wait around on plastic chairs near coughing patients for the shot that should help keep us healthy. Time indoors: half an hour minimum. 

This year, thanks to COVID-19, our local medical center moved their flu jab stations outside. Via a nearly empty freeway, my wife and I drove up, stuck our arms out of the window and got a jab, a Band-Aid and a nifty cotton mask in return. Time: under two minutes, or less than half the wait at the Starbucks drive-thru on the way home. Before, we’d laughed at the idea: drive-thru flu shots, how very American. Afterwards, we wondered why we’d ever do it the old way ever again.   Read more…

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