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Fly into the best longreads of 2020

Fly into the best longreads of 2020

While you’re waiting impatiently for the hellzone of 2020 to be over, keep yourself occupied with some of out best longforms of the year.

Let the dumpster fire burn and keep you warm as you settle into engaging reads about Star Trek memes, Wonder Woman, the history of Hot or Not, and Marty, the useless robot. What’s a better escape than a good story? And what else are you doing right now as you celebrate the holidays alone?

Foods of Unusual Size

Whether it’s a pizza the size of a car or a cake the size of a penny, culinary creations scaled to the extreme are among the most delightful treasures to uncover online. YouTube tycoons have built their empires on culinary stunts with millions of subscribers flocking to see their super-sized dishes. Instagram artists have made their mark in miniature, creating tiny worlds for fans to peer into, double-tap, and follow Read more…

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