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Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ is this year’s horniest period drama, period

Netflix's 'Bridgerton' is this year's horniest period drama, period

The appeal of historical romance stems from the genre’s hallmarks of sexual repression, codified social strata, and great gowns, beautiful gowns. They are an imagined remembrance of a time when people lived constricted by conduct and found true love in the tension between stiff-backed politeness and concealed desire. That tension is all well and good, but the best period romances also remind its viewers of something else: that old timey people were horny as hell. 

Bridgerton is the first show created from Netflix’s partnership with Shonda Rimes’ Shondaland, and it is outrageously, tumultuously horny. This is not the genteel horny of Downton Abbey, which downplayed the potency of its leading lady’s seemingly lethal vagina with nary a sex scene, nor is it the gross horny of The Tudors, which turned sex into something Henry VIII did to women before killing them. It is today horny, a Regency-era reminder that the only reason 19th century dudes didn’t send dick pics was a lack of handheld camera technology. Read more…

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