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This festive season, post thirst traps with abandon

This festive season, post thirst traps with abandon

I don’t need to say it. You already know it. This year has been really tough. And the holidays are going to be markedly different for many. 

You may well be spending Christmas Day alone this year, you might be making peace with vastly altered plans, or having a pared-down celebration of sorts.

Chances are, you’ve foregone any chance of a drunken snog at Christmas drinks. There isn’t so much as a sprig of mistletoe in sight. But one thing is true: you’re really, really hot. 

My holiday gift to you: I hereby grant you permission to post thirst traps with abandon this yuletide season. That old photo on your camera roll that, in hindsight, was actually pretty hot (you just didn’t realise it at the time)? Post it. Those pics you took to mark the rare occasion of putting on makeup for the first time in months? Post them. That selfie you’re worried might be a little too raunchy for the grid (it’s not)? Post it. Read more…

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